Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have brochures that could be mailed to me?

Yes. give us a call at 1-800-795-2561 and give us your address and we would be glad to mail you information on any product you might be interested in.

What is included in the prices of the headstones and grave markers?

The price include the cost of the memorial, as well as standard carving and lettering. There is an additional fee for carving and lettering on the back of an upright headstone.

Who will take care of the final death dates on my headstone when it is needed?

Usually this is arranged by the funeral home at the time that it is needed or you may come in and fill out a form giving us permission to work on the stone and verify the date of death.

Your prices are often lower than other companies that I've contacted, does the low price reflect lower quality?

The headstones and cemetery markers we sell are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, and free of any natural defects.