Choosing the monument that marks the grave of a loved one is never easy.

It can be a more pleasant experience if you are dealing with a local merchant with a reputation you can trust.

Keepsake Monuments of Draffenville is locally owned and operated by Mitchell and Stephanie Lee. Quality and variety, combined with service, gives Keepsake Monuments the edge in the monument market.



Owners, Mitchell and Stephanie Lee



Customers may select a monument from a variety of colors, including gray, black, brown, red and other new colors that are being imported.

A computer generated layout of your purchase is available for approval before the project is started.

While traditional monuments were engraved with religious scenes, today's monument is often a tribute to the individual and his or her interests in life. Some themes used in modern monuments include biking, nature, sports, music, farm scenes, and outdoor scenes. Keepsake Monuments Inc offers the most custom, personalized designs with our state of the art laser and sandblasting equipment, and local artist in house to best meet your custom needs.

All lettering and design are done at the Draffenville location using new, top of the line, equipment by local craftsmen. Many people are choosing from the large library of designs at Keepsake Monuments while others are bringing in their own artwork.

Service to the customer has always been an important part of Keepsake Monuments. Monuments are set year-round with a fast efficient delivery date after your monument has been approved by you. Bronze markers are available for  cemeteries that require them, at very competitive prices.

Although most people think of a monument company as selling grave markers for family members, there are also monuments available designed for beloved pets, mausoleums, and granite signs for businesses, subdivisions and cemeteries.

We have a large arrangement of accessories to personilize each monument including: Vases, Flower Arrangements and a special tribute tag from Lifetime Look Back, which uses a QR code reader on your mobile device to allow visitors to enjoy a special tribute to their loved one. We are western Kentucky's only dealer for Light of Hope Solar lighting, the best in solar lighting options in illuminating monuments in the evening and night hours.

While making decisions about monuments may not be the most pleasant task, it is less difficult where compassion is the norm. The staff at Keepsake Monuments is here to help walk you through this difficult process step by step. We take great care and time to ensure that your purchase is exactly as you wish it to be.

Stop in one of our 2 locations today to inquire about anything you have questions about. The staff at Keepsake Monuments is here to help in any way possible!